• There is one adult per 3 children in our camp
  • A doctor stays in our camp for two weeks
  • All partner companies of our camp have an Austrian license

Where can one talk in five languages before lunch, and –immediately after – become a great traveller, the famous athlete or a world renown artist? The answer is simple: in our summer camp!

You do not believe us? Just look at the daily schedule!

We often hear the question: How to get the child ready for the camp? What are the things to pack?

While packing it is important to remember that the weather is changeable in summer. A few pairs of long trousers, shorts or skirts will definitely come in handy for your child. In addition to regular t-shirts, it is best to pack long sleeved t-shirts or polos, and a sweatshirt or sweater.

A windbreaker can be useful not only in case of rain, but in the evening when the cool descends from the mountains.

Equip your holidaymaker with several pairs of shoes: sneakers, sandals, flip flops for shower and pool.

A child must be in possession of a headwear that will protect his head from intense light of the summer sun!

Speaking of the intense sun: do not forget to provide your child with a sunscreen. Precautions must be still observed!

But the most important things that you need to give your son or daughter before leaving for the camp are your smile and peace of mind! Remember that children read our emotions and feelings very easily. Trust that your child goes to a fascinating and exciting journey, where he or she is sure to be comfortable and curious!
Welcome to the camp “Friendship”!