Educational programs

Session 1: 29 June - 13 July 2019
Language, activity and creativity camp
Working language - RUSSIAN

The main theme of the first session is study of languages: The main direction of the camp’s activities is teaching foreign languages: Russian, English and German.

The tour package includes 40 hours of classes with tutors who are native speakers.

These days psychologists more often turn to the problem of natural learning when a child learns through playing, gets to know the surrounding world and acquires his or her own experience.

Learning a foreign language (or even your mother tongue) may seem a real torture when it is based on forcing and strict assessment system. That’s why the linguistic instruction in camp “Friendship” is in the first turn organized to engage and inspire a child. The program alternates play and education components. Children feel at ease and in comfort which is the basis of their first successes and positive dynamics.

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