Age 10–17

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NEXT 10-17
1 -16 July 2023


For adventurous, open-minded and willing to learn in the company of peers, teens aged 10-17


You will have the chance to develop special skills , which will be very useful and helpful in your future life, during your school time and your career. These skills and tools will bring you happiness and success throughout your whole life. Further more, they are necessary to succeed in the 21st century, they will help you to find your own path easily and in no time and to adapt to the ever-changing situations in the world. Those skills are of advantage to the future generation and will surely help to stand out from the peers.


A new program for teens to be well prepared for the future, and for a successful career. Teenagers have to develop 21st century soft skills and tools. This is why we have created our new program for teens.


Together we will raise self esteem, build self confidence and train leadership skills, learn how to set goals and realize them, improve communication skills and develop creative and critical thinking. The whole program is based on the collaboration between international speakers and camp participants in dialogues and workshops.


We have planned many outdoor adventures like hiking in the mountains, quests, yoga sessions, soccer, basketball and a lot more.


  • Intellectual Academy with the most famous player of Intellectual Game “Chto?Gde?Kogda?” Elena Orlova and Vladimir Belkin
  • Theater Academy
  • Robotics Academy with Professor Alexander Kazakov
  • Language Academy (Russian, English, German)

And much more!


Castle Röthelstein

Everything that seemed to be impossible before can be achieved in Admont today, whether it is sports, recreation or our NEXT education program. This amazing place is located 230 km from Vienna in the middle of the Gesäuse National Park with it’s clean air, transparent streams and breathtaking views. The camp will take place in the baroque Castle Röthelstein.

Teenagers live in en suite rooms with 2 or 4 persons in each room.

Meals: 3 times a day

Gesäuse National Park


In the morning all teens are participating in the NEXT Program and in the afternoon new adventures each day await them!

Also included:
  • Quests
  • Hiking tours
  • Outdoor adventures
  • FUN & ACTION Activities
  • Workshops at the Admont Museum
  • Trips to the Aquapark
  • A trip to the Kremsmünster Monastery
  • Visiting the oldest observatory
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Grilling at the Campfire

And much more!


The cost of holidays in the summer camp “Friendship” is 1860 Euro

The cost of staying in the camp for the period of July 1st – July 16th 2023 is 1860 Euro.


EURO 1860,- .

The price includes:

  • accommodation
  • three (3) meals daily
  • excursions
  • education
  • participation in all activities
  • events of the camp.

The price does NOT include:

  • Accident insurance
  • Transfer

Attention: SARS -CoV-2 test at the time of arrival must be proven and should be made no later then 72 hours before arrival

Daily timetable