When: 29 June - 13 July 2019
Where: St.Pölten, Low Austria
Age: 7 - 17 years

The camp is for those who:

  • are young
  • want to make new friends
  • like travelling 
  • want to be independent

Working language – RUSSIAN.


About us

Camp “Friendship” is a unique social communication experience for children of various nations. This is a form of cultural exchange that is beneficial for children and makes their communication mutually valuable.

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Parents' corner

  • There is one adult per 3 children in our camp
  • A doctor stays in our camp for two weeks
  • All partner companies of our camp have an Austrian license

Where can one talk in five languages before lunch, and –immediately after – become a great traveller, the famous athlete or a world renown artist? The answer is simple: in our summer camp!

Don't believe? Just look at the daily schedule!
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