When: July 1 - 15, 2017
Where: Wagrain, Austria
Age: 7 - 16 years

The camp is for those who:

  • are young
  • want to make new friends
  • like travelling 
  • want to be independent
When: July 15 - 29, 2018
Where: Wagrain, Austria
Age: 11 - 17 years

The camp is for those who:

  • are curious
  • want to make new friends
  • like travelling 
  • want to be independent

Educational programs

Session 1: 1July - 15 July 2017
Language, activity and creativity
Working language - RUSSIAN

The main theme of the first session is study of languages: The main direction of the camp’s activities is teaching foreign languages: Russian, English and German.

The tour package includes 40 hours of classes with tutors who are native speakers.

These days psychologists more often turn to the problem of natural learning when a child learns through playing, gets to know the surrounding world and acquires his or her own experience.

Learning a foreign language (or even your mother tongue) may seem a real torture when it is based on forcing and strict assessment system. That’s why the linguistic instruction in camp “Friendship” is in the first turn organized to engage and inspire a child. The program alternates play and education components. Children feel at ease and in comfort which is the basis of their first successes and positive dynamics.

Session 2 : 15 July-29 July 2015
Science, activity and creativity
Working language - ENGLISH

The main theme of the second session is science. At that moment youth connected by the common interest in science and scientific research will gather at camp “Friendship”, but we are also waiting for those who wants to discover this amazing world of science and scientific experiments.

40 Hours of science during two weeks.

Children are going to meet:

  • the most famous scientists from Europe
  • take part in discussions with winners and participants of international academic competitions
  • observe fascinating scientific experiments, go to excursions to laboratories and scientific museums
  • Physical Science, Engineering, Life Science, special programs for girls

Achieving positive results independently is the strongest motivation for a child's further development. Therefore children achieve everything by themselves, while we simply arrange all conditions to this effect!

But let us warn you from thinking that “Friendship” is just memorizing new words! Children actively spend a lot of time outdoors doing sports, going hiking, singing songs by the camp-fire and learn to find joy in simple things: friendship and loyalty, bright Sun and romantic Moon.

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